Working with foreign investors requires involvement and a special attention to details. Our team in China is in a close and friendly contact with many representatives of the market. This is a simple way to solve the problem quickly, without unnecessary risks and costs.
Venture consulting
Having a lot of years of working experience in Russian and international companies, in launching projects and companies from scratch, as well as a deep understanding of the markets and segments we work in, we are ready to share this experience with our customers.
Attracting investments in projects at early stages
We have direct contacts with investment funds and business angels. We work only in specific spheres, where we have expertise, market understanding, partners and connections. We know how to submit a project to an investor. We know what investors pay attention to. Our experience embraces over 100 presentations prepared by our team members and presented to investors of different levels in Russia and abroad.
Scaling up Russian projects into Asian markets
We have business partners in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, India, South Korea. We are not just consultants or intermediators. Every our business partner works with one of our companies, or has a business relationship with one of our partners or advisers.
Expansion of foreign projects into Russian market
We have a unique background, experience and resources on the territory of Russia, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where our headquaters are located. Our resources are made of both our own unique offline and online advertising channels that comprise advertising in St. Petersburg's metro, outdoor advertising in St. Petersburg and Moscow, and partners' advertising channels on the platforms of the largest Russian Internet holdings (, Rambler & Co, KudaGo, 2GIS ,, etc).
Setting up pilot, mass production and QC in China
We have the experience in launching our own production in China, as well as in working with OEM/ODM partners, therefore we are very well aware of the specifics of working with Chinese companies in the Chinese market. All this will help you minimize the risk of possible losses.
Building up international brands for Chinese manufacturers and international marketing
We are ready to create a brand, register a company and a trademark in the required jurisdiction. This service is in demand among Chinese manufacturers who want to break into the international market.
Work features
Our contact base is our main asset and our main advantage. We have brought together a number of specialists from the most popular investment spheres and work strictly within our competence.
Main competencies
We work only in those areas where we are certain about the result
Production of devices
Internet of things smart home
Robotics and AI
Russia: +7 812 3633023
Hong Kong: +852 5345 2951

e-mail: partner@upbс.pro
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