We have collected a unique
network of contacts around the world!
We maintain a constant connection with each company.
We exchange information and fresh news.
We render services and establish friendly confidential relations.
Our international contacts
Yukuma Group (Hong Kong)
A group of companies engaged in the development and implementation of fast charging systems and new battery technologies that allow to fully charge a smartphone in 12 minutes, an electric vehicle in 8 minutes, smart devices in 3 minutes.
Netrove (China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam)
A venture company with a portfolio of high technology and consumer sector projects, for example, Zap Zap Math, Fruitti Ice-cream and others.
Alarice International
Experts in promotion in the Chinese social networks. One of the best marketing agencies in Hong Kong, focused on promoting foreign brands in China.
Contacts in Russia
Our clients, partners and friends
All Media Holding Company
Distribution of advertisements in St. Petersburg's metro, on the screens alongside the main highways of St. Petersburg and Moscow.
A group of educational Internet services operating in 46 cities of Russia. Partners and informational sponsors of famous events: Digitale, edCrunch, Elf, SPIK, GikPiknik and many others.
One of the world's four largest auditing and consulting companies. It rightly takes its place in the Universum ranking of the World's 50 Most Attractive Employers.
Mail.ru Group
The largest Internet holding in Russia, which owns the most popular mail service, as well as social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, which occupy 70% of the Russian market of social networks. The daily audience of the Mail.ru Group projects is more than 100 million people.
The third largest Internet holding in Russia, including such projects as Rambler, Lenta.ru, Chempionat.ru, Livejournal and others.
Partners and consultants are a part of our team
Without the direct involvement of experienced colleagues, it is simply impossible to achieve a real result.
Consultants of UP Business Consulting
Ashley Dudarenok
Hong Kong
Founder ChoZan
Managing Director Alarice International
Marketing expert
Wan Rim
South Korea and Japan.
Founder and CEO Excel Investments, Seoul, Korea, more than 25 years in Ventiure business and Angel investments, connections all over South Korea and Japan.
Kim Seng aka Max Teh
Founder of Netrove, shareholder in 14 businesses
Kinson Loo
Hong Kong
CEO Z-Cam, former VP Motorolla, HTC
Russia: +7 812 3633023
Hong Kong: +852 5345 2951

e-mail: partner@upbс.pro
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